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'Performing at Australian Comedy Festivals' a 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival Panel Discussion

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Made thanks to the Australian High Commission and the New Zealand Comedy Trust.

Comedians Rhys Nicholson (Aus), Tessa Waters (Aus), Eli Matthewson (NZ), producer Sophie Dowson (NZ) and facilitated by Tim Batt (NZ) - they discuss some of the things you need to know about taking work and performing at different arts festivals across Australia. This panel session focuses in on hot tips and things to save you $ around applying, producing, marketing and looking after yourself. This session has a focus on comedy, but would be useful for other arts practitioners considering performing in Australia.

For more info head to andsign up to our Performers Hub.

Again thanks to the Australian High Commission for making this panel session possible.
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comedy, comedy festivals, NZComedyFest, Rhys Nicholson, Tessa Waters, Eli Matthewson, Sophie Dowson, tim batt

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